Cindarella 99

Cindarella 99

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Cindarella 99 har været populær i rigtig mange år. Historierne går på at en erfaren grower, Mr Soul fra Grimm Brothers fandt et cannabisfrø i noget Jack Herer pot han købte i Amsterdam. Han dyrkede frøet og planten skulle vise sig, at være en super smuk plante som han kaldte Cindarella. Han lavede frø på den og backcrossede til han have en næsten ren Cindarella - 99% og derfor fik sorten navnet Cindarella 99.
Cindarella 99 får kæmpestore topskud og giver en skøn sativa høj, hvor man ofte er aktiv. Selve planten er bastant med gode grene, selvom den kan bruge opbinding pga. de tunge topskud.
Smagen er lækker frugtagtig med en smule tyggegummi.


Cindy is a sure favorite. A skilled weed grower found some seeds in a Jack Herer bud he bought in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. He grew them and found a very special female plant that he crossed and back crossed until it was stable enough to be able to be 99% pure Cindarella genes in the seeds, so the grower thinks that some of them are even better than the original cindy.

I’ve Got 99 Problems But Nug Ain’t One!

For the uninformed, Cinderella 99 is not the name of a reunion concert at the end of the last millennium by the lame hair metal group Cinderella, known for their insufferable power ballad “Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone”. Cinderella 99 is in fact one of the most cherished strains of bud to come around in recent years. One toke of this princess makes its widespread acclaim seem inferior, actually. A very fruity smell and taste is the telltale sign of a good C99 plant. Many have compared it to Juicy Fruit and Fruit Stripe gum because of its flavorful, delicious taste that gives you a very cerebral, invigorating, psychedelic high thanks to the heavy Sativa influence. This high doesn’t come right away, though. It is recommended that you take a few tokes a wait a short while before continuing because it is very easy to smoke too much and become ludicrously baked all of a sudden. C99 also has been known to make you overly paranoid if you overindulge. This feeling can ruin any high and thus it is important to make sure you find yourself at a happy plateau or at the very least try to keep your mind from dwelling on anything that might freak you out. Growers love Cinderella 99 because of its relative ease of growing and cloning as well as its quick pre-flowering speed, which has been detected by some as early as four weeks in. This makes it great for anybody who has trouble getting their plants to take root and thrive. Unfortunately, C99 has a rather long flowering period after its pre-flowering stage. In many instances it can take over ten weeks before a harvest can be done, which is almost a month longer than some comparable buds that deliver a similar high. This long duration isn’t as bad as it seems at first glance, though. Many Sativas take a long time to finish their flowering period, with some strains of Haze taking six months until you can get a harvest. This is the reason for why many of the most popular strains in existence, like Northern Lights or White Widow, were crossbred with Indica plants which deliver a faster payload. All the same, it should be noted that many Sativa strains that deliver the strong fruity scent and taste of C99 take even longer to finish flowering, due to the complexity inherent in such strains, so Cinderella’s biological clock shouldn’t be faulted too much. When you notice your strains pre-flowering about a month or so in, you will likely see most of the early risers becoming males. This might dismay people who want to continue breeding but it shouldn’t bother anybody who just wants to yield a harvest or two from the same plant. Once budding begins, you’ll notice that Cinderella’s sweet and fruity taste extend to its smell in a big way; instead of the strong, skunky odor of most buds, Cinderella smells like a potpourri of deliciousness, with berry tendencies and an almost candy-like odor. This may help you escape arrest or theft because people may mistake it for some kind of tropical flora. Either way, your harvest should be fairly bountiful and, with any luck, you should be enjoying a plethora of some of the most delicious bud this side of Amsterdam. Happy toking!