Jack Herer

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This is my favorite weed. This also is the name i have read most place when talking about what weed is the strongest. One of the things i like very much about Jack Herer is the many different phenos that you'll find within one pack of seeds. It is just hard to find two plants that have the same growth pattern, strength and taste. Some will smell like grapefruit, some like pineapple and some will smell a lot like cinnamon - this is the pheno, that i would keep. The cinnamon pheno is in my opinion the strongest.

This is how I found my special plant!

I grew 15 seeds and sorted out the weakest plants leaving me with 8 females. I took a clone of each to leave in vegetative 24h. lights and the plants were put into flowering. This way i was sure to have a clone of the plant that had the best qualities. After harvest i smoked the weed and guess what - i actually found a pheno that was just way stronger than any of the others. It's not the one on the photo. This pheno was not quite as impressing when it comes to the size, but the weed was just some very nice smoke.

But let's see how it turns out here with rating and hear what everybody thinks of this weed.

About Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the name of one of the most lauded pot activists ever as well as an influential writer of cannabis-related material. More importantly, however, Jack Herer is the name of an incredibly bad-ass strain of weed that was named for the eponymous stoner. Jack Herer (the weed) is yet another in the many strains that mix Sativa and Indica to create a powerful high that takes the best features of both worlds. The difference in this weed, however, is that the fifty percent Sativa ratio is actually Haze, which creates a high unlike any other. The goal of the crossbreeding was to create a powerful Haze strain that took advantage of the fast flowering ability of Indica, as opposed to the sixth month flowering time demanded of the complex Haze. Suffice to say, it was a rousing success!


The long fingered leaves are evidence of the Sativa influence but the dense buds and fast flowering are clear evidence of the Indica presence, which is more sizable than many Haze strains. Since this was the overall aim of the growers of Jack Herer, it can be seen as a success. The nugs are an olfactory dream, bringing the pungent scent of a quality haze together with a not too overbearing skunkiness that serves to enhance the flavor without detracting from the crystal-laden Haze taste and smell. There is a peppery sensibility to the taste of good Jack Herer and it is a precursor to the buzz you’ll feel, which can be described as uplifting and almost invigorating. It’s a very cerebral buzz that will enlighten your mind without any rough comedowns. If Jack Herer looks a bit dark to you, this is due to the heavy resin buildup on the buds and it is a large part of why Jack Herer gets you so baked. This is even more remarkable considering the shortened flowering time.


Like many plants with more than a little Sativa heredity, Jack Herer can get pretty big pretty fast, so it is recommended that you don’t plant in pots because they will stilt the growth and fruition of your final product. Unfortunately, this can pose problems because Jack Herer is notoriously difficult to grow outdoors in many parts of the world. The plant needs an unusually dry climate to thrive and there are very few areas that can deliver the goods on this. Parts of California and Nevada can handle the task but many of the more ideal areas for growing Jack Herer outdoors are located outside the continental U.S. As a result, growing Jack Herer indoors seems to be the necessary means for a suitable end result. Hydroponics can help you struggle with the indoor growing of these large strains but only because they will ensure the plant is dwarfed in size during flowering time, as opposed to soil growing, which would yield a harvest later when the plant is much larger. This is unfortunate but also very necessary in many instances. The flowering period shouldn’t last much longer than two months or sixty days but be sure not to harvest too early lest you end up with an inferior yield. Similarly, don’t wait too long or you’ll have a bunch of huge plants with buds whose crystals have already turned. Good luck and happy smoking!