Grizzly Crinckle

Illuminautos - 5 frø
Breeder: Mephisto Genetics
Priskr. 425.00
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Type: Feminiserede auto
Inde/ude: Velegnede inde og ude
Sort: Hybrid
Styrke: Meget potent 
Blomstring: ca. 70 dage

Genetics: Sour Crinkle x 3 Bears OG
Seed Type: F1 Feminised Automatic

Disclaimer: Illuminauto strains are untested, aside from our usual germination and general quality control tests. These seeds are listed more cheaply than our usual catalogue items, as we use these lines as a test bed to find the best fire to add into our catalogue for longer term use. Descriptions here are a predicted guideline as to what you can expect given our intimate knowledge and experience with the parent strains. :)